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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?
Because we CARE. A LOT. We want to give people a reward for doing a good deed. Once the tsunami isn't front-page news anymore, it's natural to put it out of your mind. But people still need food, shelter, and water. We want to help keep the light on the cause for a little while longer.

Is this a scam?
There have been reports of fake "tsunami relief" efforts collecting money on the Internet. This is why Indie Pop Cares a Lot collects NO MONEY. All we require for you to receive a free CD is proof that you've donated, in the form of a picture of your receipt. That way your money goes directly to the relief organization, and we don't have to handle any money.

What will you do with my name and address?
Send you a CD. After that, your information will be deleted. It's not being stored in a database or any other distributable location. We're not going to sell it or even show it to anybody other than the post office. All identifying information will be removed from the picture you send us when we post it to our gallery. If you'd rather we not post your picture, that's fine too, just let us know.

If I live outside the United States, can I get a CD?
Absolutely. Just make sure your donation adds up to at least $10 US. And give us complete mailing information for overseas shipment.

I already donated! Do I have to donate again to get a CD?
Our goal is to encourage people to donate now that the headlines have subsided. If you donated before April 4, 2005, we would like to express our gratitude on behalf of humanity for your kindness. However, there's no rule saying you can't donate again! Please do! And this time we'll give you a CD!

Can I buy a charity CD (or other product) and send you the receipt from that?
Yes! However, the organization selling that product must donate 100% of the purchase price to the cause. No skimming, no shipping, no "handling" charges, no nothing. You're most likely to find products such as this in a retail store, or downloadable items, such as "Fleurons Of Hope" by Font Aid. We have confirmed that MyFonts.com is absorbing all banking and other costs associated, so that 100% of the purchase price for "Fleurons Of Hope" goes to the DirectAid tsunami charity.

If you have suggestions for other charity products that meet our requirements, please let us know and we'll check them out. Perhaps we'll make a list!

Are you affiliated with a charity?
No. Indie Pop Cares a Lot is affiliated with no organization. And we're barely organized ourselves for that matter.

Does my receipt need my name on it?
No. For example, if you take your change to a Coinstar machine and donate it to the Red Cross or UNICEF, you'll get a printed receipt but your name won't be on it. That's ok. We'll see the Red Cross logo on the receipt and send you a CD.

I only got an email receipt. Can I still get a CD?
Yes! Just send us a copy of the receipt you got in email. Please remove any credit card or bank account information, leaving the date and amount.

So that we can add your contribution to our gallery, instead of a picture of your receipt please send us a picture of a ten dollar bill, or two fives, or a roll of quarters, or even a picture of you!

I don't have a scanner or digital camera, how can I send you my receipt?
Photocopy your receipt, or make a copy of your picture, and send it to us in the good ol' "snail mail" at the following address:

Indie Pop Cares a Lot
1390 Columbia Ave. #123
Lancaster, PA 17603

Are there any swear words on the CD?
Yes. You will find lots of swear words on MC Hawking's contribution to the CD. The good doctor expresses himself as he will, and this includes lots of swearing.

Who do I contact for an interview?
Please send an email to press@indiepopcaresalot.org with your affiliation and contact info, and we'll be in touch. We will! We promise!

Who can answer other questions?
If you have questions that aren't answered by this FAQ, please send them to info@indiepopcaresalot.org and we'll answer them right away.